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Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson

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Chen et al. (2011) investigate the effect of moderation and reveal that the commentators generate high quality content to build a stronger reputation. Wei et al. (2013) developed a multi-collaborative filtering trust network algorithm for Web 2.0 with improved accuracy for filtering information based on user preferences and trusted peer users. Luo and Zhang (2013) refer to user-generated reviews and recommendations as consumer buzz to find that advocacy and consumer attitude can impact firm value. Hildebrand et al. (2013) use data from a European car manufacturer allowing self-designed products to reveal that feedback from other community members lessens uniqueness whilst increasing dissatisfaction. Centeno et al. (2015) address the skewed reputation rankings problem in movie ratings by suggesting the use of comparative user opinions. Ma et al. (2013) analyse data from Yelp to test bias in online reviews and find that frequent and longer reviews successfully combat such biases. Lukyanenko et al. (2014) demonstrate that participants tend to provide accurate information in classifying a phenomenon at a general level, and higher accuracy where they are allowed free form data. Shi and Whinston (2013) explore the possible impact of friend check-ins on social media, and find it has no positive effect in generating new user visits.

X: Past is Present 2015 movie songs free download

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