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Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson

How to Get the Best Out of TomTom Maps of Western Europe 1GB 960 48

Dear Garmin, I am using a garmin 620 Strava and i want to change my map in my garmin 620 watch, so i went to "Settings - Change map and search manually" and i think i need the garmin maps software for Windows (i don't have that OS), so i found a website called, i downloaded the exe files and after install i tried to activate my garmin watch but it shows "Error in order to complete the activation, the command has been blocked by device administration" and i didn't found the device administration on my garmin watch settings. Please Help me to solve the problem

TomTom Maps of Western Europe 1GB 960 48

Quote: "anyone with access to the website can view the map information for free and download the map" which maps they are talking about, on garmin, or on apple, iphone.

I was on the road yesterday when I found that my watch could use but did not want to download the maps, because I'd like to be able to get through my rides without any dependancies from the internet. I saw what looked like a download button in the left hand side bar, but it did not seem to be working. After searching online, I found that the button would not work for me, but that I could use my phone to access my routes, which did the trick. I have no sympathy for Microsoft, because if the watch can't access the map, it would not have to send the data. That is one advantage of an internet connection, and one of the reasons I am a big fan of Garmin. I hope that the switch is not permanent, and that the functionality is restored.

I figured this out when I bought my Fenix 5 Plus and I wasn't prepared to deal with it. Thankfully I have other garmins that take advantage of the no internet connection to load maps on the way to the ride. I don't use any of the Garmin paid versions and have no respect for the fitness companies who use Google's data and then charge money for it. If you are smart and take good care of your fitness devices, you can avoid all this garbage.


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