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My Top 3 Birth Control Alternatives

Abstinence would obviously be the best choice for not getting pregnant but for those of us who chose to partake in sex,I have researched some non hormonal birth control options that may work for you. In lue of my birth control dibocle (migrated IUD) I plan to try a combination of these alternatives once the IUD is removed( to keep pregnancy at bay. ;)lol)

1.   Withdrawal (a.k.a. the pullout method). This old-school, less-than-scientific method — in which pregnancy is potentially averted by the man “pulling out” before ejaculating.

2. Barrier methods such as condoms, diaphragms, and the cervical cap. 

A. The old-fashioned, inexpensive male condom is “anywhere from 85% to 98% effective and it has another major thing going for it: It protects against STDs. Condoms, of course, don’t have many (if any) side effects, though people with latex allergies generally can’t use them (they should try plastic and polyurethane condoms instead). Walmart, Target, and many pharmacies such as Walgreens or CVS carry condoms. 

B.The diaphragm  — ($15 to $75) a silicone cup inserted into the vagina before sex to block the sperm from reaching the uterus. 

C.The somewhat similar cervical cap (or FemCap; $60 to $75) — a thimble-size silicone cup inserted over the cervix up to six hours before intercourse — is more effective for women who haven’t been pregnant before.

Speak to your healthcare provider about using the diaphragm or femcap.  

3. Natural Family Planning. In NFP, or fertility awareness methods, a woman uses various strategies to help track her monthly fertility pattern and her ovulation — the release of an egg — to prevent (or achieve) pregnancy. There are now apps golore to track your fertility pattern. Here are a few good free ones. 

1.Fertility Friend 2.Glow 3. Kindara 

Which alternative do you think you would try? Sound off let me know.  

Now ladies these are suggestions for alternative  birth control ,make sure to consult with your doctor and make choices based off of what is best for you!! 

Happy (safe) Sex, Ladies !! 

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