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"Party of the Year" : Is Innovation the New Black?




  1. the action or process of innovating.

synonyms:change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough;More

  • a new method, idea, product, etc.

plural noun: innovations

"technological innovations designed to save energy"

In a couple of days on Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 the Imerge EDPA 2017 Innovation Awards will take place at the Alabama Theatre. The Awards are sponsored by EDPA, Alabama Launch Pad and SummitMedia. Quality Filters, ZeroRPM and Diatherix will be honored for their innovative contributions to their industries. The Lifetime Acievement award will go to HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology's co-founder Jim Hudson.

This is a huge and exciting event for the city of Birmingham. As the world continues to progress and elevate, it will take innovators, builders, makers and creatives to help with the process. I posed the question is Innovation the New Black? My answer is yes! The concept has been around but not long ago companies, businesses and individuals depended on leaders that solely had higher education. Now innovation doesn't represent a certain social class, race, gender or educational background. Innovators are people that think big, take leaps of faith and use the expertise that they have cultivated over years of hard work and experiences. The look and feel of innovation is shifting. The builders, makers and creatives who were once hidden are now respected, honored and essential to the progression of our wonderful city of Birmingham and the world.

The Imerge awards are the perfect place for up and coming innovators to be. The world renowned keynote speaker for the evening is Pulitzer Prize winning New York columnist and bestselling author Thomas L. Friedman.

"Always think of yourself as if you need to be re-engineered, retooled, relearned, retaught constantly. Never think of yourself as "finished"; otherwise you really will be finished."-Thomas L. Friedmen

Friedmen will speak at 4 p.m. A networking reception will follow at

5 p.m.The Innovation Awards celebration starts at 6 p.m.

After which the "Party of the Year" will begin! Delicious food, live music and entertainment will be on deck , super exciting right?Click the link, grab your tickets and meet me there!

I will leave you with these reflective words about about the Imerge Awards from SummitMedia Senior Vice President Chuck Faush.

"It will be the ultimate in networking and connectivity. What I am hopeful of is that we reach a community that doesn't think they are included."

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