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Envision Me Planning                           The Brand That’s On The Rise

Have you ever seen a track athlete take off in a race, jump a hurdle and hit the ground running? Well I have. Natalie White founder and operator of Envison Me Planning calls her self a “baby”  in business but she like the track runner has jumped the hurdle of fear of the unknown and hit the ground running. This entrepreneurial endeavor isn’t even a year old and it has already had several successful events, a newsletter and inspirational/informative Facebook Live interviews. I was fortunate enough to interview Natalie but first... It’s with great pleasure that I introduce the powerhouse behind Envision Me Planning ,Natalie White. 

Natalie White is a Planning Specialist and Strategist. Juggling an international assignment and being a single mother of two; Natalie sharpened her planning skills to maintain a productive flow at work and home. Whenever she got discouraged she used words of affirmations to remind her of her “why”. Upon completion of her assignment she made a commitment to share her planning tools and insight with other women who are working full time jobs and are in pursuit of their passions. From this EnVision Me Planning was birthed. Natalie believes everyone has a GREAT purpose in life and with the right tools you can commit to your passions. She created EnVision Me Planning to give women tools to plan, and focus on their own development so they can begin their great work in the world!

Can you tell us a little bit about Envision Me Planning? EnVision Me Planning I like to think of us as a community instead of a company. We are a community aspiring to give tools to women in order to help the plan, create, and organize their lives! Have you ever heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”? We feel that way here at EnVision Me Planning, we are a village of women coming together to share how we made it! We our primary focus are planning tools and techniques needed to turn your dreams into reality! Dream it, See it, Plan it, DO IT! What inspired you to create Envision Me Planning? I was put on a project out of country with my current employer. The project went from 1 week a month to three weeks a month, and managing home became more and more difficult. I was use to creating planners, menus, and budget sheets for me to follow; however creating them so other people can know what you need and want was challenging. I had to become more precise and intentional in my movements and planning. It got EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! Many times I wanted to quit. I just kept reminding myself of my “why”, my purpose, my mission. When I completed the project, and my family was still in tack (Thank GOD!) I wanted to let every woman, especially every working mother, IT IS POSSIBLE! You don’t have to give up on your BIG GOALS and BIG DREAMS. There are tools and resources, and people that can help! When you make a plan, and work your plan… your wildest dreams can become your reality. I wanted to help women know, hurtles are not meant to stop us, they are meant to grow and elevate us! How do you manage working full time, motherhood and running a startup business? By going CRAZY! LOL No honestly… I do what I teach, I plan! If you see my planner and goal journal it is serious business! LOL I use the planner to schedule my time. Balance is a practice, it takes an awareness every day. I usually have a monthly overview, each Saturday I do the final schedule for coming week and I do an daily overview in the morning. I know this sounds like a lot, and no planning does not cover it all. Life happens! My planner is just my roadmap. Think of it like this, you jump in the car to go to work. You have a usual route you take, but this morning the let’s say this alarm didn’t go off, and traffic is at a standstill. You take a detour. On the detour, there is an accident and you are being routed on a road you never been. By some act of God, you still arrive to work on time. That is how planning is… it’s a GPS, no matter what route you take, the destination doesn’t change it just recalculates! Planning helps me see my next steps and my overall goals. Balancing reminds me not to neglect those things most precious to me so I schedule family days and certain days I don’t work late. I pick which days I want to focus on what. It’s a balance and a plan! 

You have an Envision Me Planning event coming up. Tell me about the event and what you hope guest gain from participating? We kicked off the New Year with a vision board party to get the 2018 goals in front of us. On April 7, 2018 we will had our first HELLO SPRING conference; our theme this year is Clear the Clutter of life! We believe it is essential to clear the clutter of the daily hustle and bustle of life brings and the baggage we may have collected over the years in order to fully focus on your dreams and goals. There was be a balance your life workshop as well as a discussion panel of women experts in the fields of decluttering your mind, decluttering your space, decluttering your finances, and managing stress! We hope that each and every women whom attended this conference gained the tools to address their clutter and live a clutter free life! We know it does not happen overnight, but it is essential in order to pursue your passions purposefully! We are exploring the option of touring this conference.

What can we look forward to seeing next from Envision Me Planning? EnVision Me Planning is working on a few things! • This month we are launching our Monthly newsletter with all kinds to tips to help you Plan, Create, and Organize! • Check out our Facebook page for our Tuesday Tips, planning nuggets for your life. • Successful Saturdays will resume in May with the theme of “May Mother’s”; planning tips for busy moms! • Our website will be launched this fall! Be on the lookout for our 2019 Goal Setting and Life organizing planners hopefully to be on sale this winter!

• We are also working on a couple of events for later this year as well; updates will be made available on the EnVision Me Planning FB Page! 

As you can see Natalie White and Envision Me Planning are headed toward a entrepreneurial gold medal. If you think that you can't start something new in your life, your stuck or need clarity to move forward,Envision Me Planning services is only a Facebook contact away! 

Don't forget to like, share and comment we love to hear from you.                                               Until next time my beautiful people.

Peace, Love and Many Blessings!

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