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Perfection: Disease of A Nation

Everything is based of this false sense of reality so any goals or dreams are continually met with adversity. Perfection isn't about outer beauty it can affect you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your “good enough” becomes not “good enough.” Now, don’t get me wrong we should create our own standards /foundations. These ideals have to be rooted in postivity,faith and self-love otherwise we will continue to have the same habitual pattern of “perfectionism".

I’ve constantly felt the need to have it all together in all areas of my life in this certain “perfect”space to share my message, my testimony. It can be so consuming. Is my hair ok? Does my makeup look good? Are my kids “being good”, am I speaking intelligently enough. My relationship must be this certain way or get the picture, right?

This is all a lie!! Whatever excuses you’ve been telling yourself are lies too!! In your mess there is a message. Sis, you hear me? It's ok to have a bit of mess, share your message!

I’ve slow poked on projects that I know I’m purposed to do, I have turned down collabs because I felt wasn’t “perfect”.

In this moment , I’m choosing not be held to a false standard or imaginary chains. Speak this powerful affirmation over yourself. " I am me, I am enough."

I hope that you will join me today declaring that you will make small shifts in your life, so that you can set yourself free from the disease of perfection!

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Peace & Many Blessings,

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