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Women Making Moves: Stylist and Salon Owner Brandie Patterson

I had the pleasure of attending an amazing event called Cut For The Cure. It's the brain child of stylist and salon owner Brandie Patterson. The event brings together local and nationwide stylist who get a chance to highlight their skills, entertain the audience and "cut/style' hair for a great cause, which is to bring awareness to breast cancer and to raise funds that are donated to families affected by breast cancer in some capacity. There were vendors that comprised of local businesses. The event also gave survivors a platform to share their stories of trial and triumph. The event was held at the historic Woodrow Hall Event Center. When I walked into the event the vibes were fun and loving. The DJ added to the excitement of the event. The decor throughout the event was of course, pink themed!

   Brandie was born and raised right here in Birmingham,AL. She wears many hats as a mother to a beautiful daughter, stylist and owner of Integrity Salon Spa.

  Brandie Patterson is a busy woman making moves yet she had time to sit down with me and share a little bit about her journey and  insight\inspiration about her event, Cut For The Cure.

A.M -Can you tell me how you became a hair stylist?

B. P- I’ve always wanted to be a stylist and salon owner since I was a little girl. It was my destiny and God's plan for me. I went college to become a nurse, thinking that I was suppose to pursue both but I later faced my truth and returned to Birmingham to attend cosmetology school. 

A.M- What inspired the Cut For the Cur event?

B.P- My great-grandmother had breast cancer and two of my close clients were diagnosed with breast cancer, one of them passed away. It was a feeling that I'd never experienced. I was planning to have a cut party the summer of 2017. I pondered on the name and that's when Cut For The Cure came to me. I couldn't do anything but cry, I couldn't believe it! I knew God was speaking to me and that it was what I was suppose to be doing.

A.M- How did you go about choosing stylist to participate in the event ?

B.P- I prayed about my chosen stylist. I chose stylist that I felt would be a positive influence to Cut For The Cure. Another factor in choosing stylist was that they had great talent but didn't showcase it very often. I wanted to present an opportunity for them to showcase their gifts without it being to much to their already busy schedules. All that they would need to do is show up, cut and support a good cause. 

A.M- What do you hope each guest takes away from the event?

B.P- I hope each guest was inspired and motivated. 

 A.M- How has the event impacted your life?

B.P- The event has inspired me to continue to help others even more ,give back and be a blessing in anyway that I can in the community.

A.M-  What advice would you give to someone who wants to organize an event for a special cause?

B.P- If a person wants to organize an event for a cause, they need to know their “why”.That it’s something that they are pursuing with sincerity and that it’s near and dear to them. The rest of the details will start to fall in place. 

A.M- What can people look forward to next from you?

B,P-  I will continue to participate in upcoming shows. I'm going to continue to inspire stylist. I would also like to coach/teach a little bit more and expand my business. 

Let me just say I've never been to an event with such a plot twist like the one Brandie gave the Cut For the Cure guests. The event was coming to a close and Brandie was called to come to the stage to give her final words. Brandie and her daughter, Paityn made their way to the stage. Brandie full of energy and excitement danced around the stage,sat in a styling chair and her daughter began to cut off Brandie's ponytail. After the ponytail was cut off, fellow stylist Camisha Rivers Hunter finished of the stylish new cut Brandie was about to have. After the high of the moment Brandie spoke about how a lot of women lose their hair doing breast cancer treatments but how they are so brave and they don't let hair define them during their fight. She went on to say how she has wanted to cut her hair for years and she was always a little afraid. She felt that this was the perfect moment to cut it, let go of the fear and live life. "What was I waiting for to turn 40, these women who spoke about surviving are my age, they couldn't wait for 40." I felt that so much! Life can be unexpected, we have to live now! I hope that if you are reading this that it inspires you to do or pursue that thing that you have been afraid of going after!! 

                           “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”Coco Chanel 

The Cut For the Cure 2018 was a success. Brandie Patterson along with the other great stylists, host Christine Lee, vendors, DJ New Era and a good support  system put on a event for the record books! Brandie is truly a"Woman Making Move".

INTEGRITY SALON SPA is located at 

 3659 Lorna Rd, Birmingham, AL 35216

Phone: (205) 637-3724

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