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Have you ever been challenged by work, family, friends or life circumstances? Well, I have. Yet the most difficult challenges have come from myself. The inner work and clarity of myself. It can be a scary journey but the truth ultimately sets you free, right? As I've been doing inner work the energy of indecisiveness keeps surfacing. It is an area in which I want to set myself free and become a more decisive person.

Which leads me to the #BLOGLIKECRAZY challenge that Javacia Harris Bower, founder of SeeJaneWrite created in 2012. This challenge is unique because it gives the participants a chance to boost their creativity,community and consistency. Throughout the challenge Javacia will be sharing blogging tips, and post ideas. This challenge is great for new bloggers as well!

Click the pic below for more info on the #bloglikecrazy challenge.

For two years I've been "saying"that I wanted to participate...see super indecisive. So now I am doing and not just saying, Stay tuned as I dive into cultivating my writing skills, connecting with you all more and creating the positive habit of consistency. I don't really struggle with the content creation process. I'm grateful that the ideas steadily flow. I know what I want to share with you all but I can struggle with making decisions such as blocking out writing time and posting schedules. I'm excited because this challenge is going to push me and hold me accountable.

Daily I am working on myself and I want to break free of any habits, thoughts or actions that don't line up with my purpose or elevation as person. Wish me luck! I hope that for the next 28 days you enjoy the content and it encourages, educates, entertains or empowers you in someway. Don't forget I love to hear from you! Lets connect on social media.

Many Blessings,

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