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Denim, Leo Print and Wine..."Oh My!"

Hi! Most of the people in my life know that summer is my favorite season, the glow of my summer tan and the vacation vibes are always the highlight for me. However there are 3 things that get me excited for Autumn. Below you will see just what I'm talking about. These 3 simple fashion vibes will help your fashion fall into November.

A denim jacket is such a simple yet essential staple to anyone's closet. There are so many variations and trends with denim. Denim shades, cut, length, embellishments or even distressed to name a few. Denim jackets are even making their way into the shirt lane. Can you believe it? A jacket used as a shirt! lol. Pretty awesome, right? Denim jackets can be dressed up or down. A night on the town or used for a afternoon stroll on a brisk Autumn day. Oh, can't forget the awesome messages that are being designed on the denim jacket as well. Have a cause, In a mood, support a movement.... put it on jacket!

Animal prints have been all the rage in fashion but I can remember a time when it was considered an old lady print. Out of all the animal prints the most beloved to me is leopard print. I'll be referring to it as leo print going forward. Leo print can be worn in abundance but it can become fashion road kill. To segue into the animal kingdom add an accessory. A pop of this print can go along way and make a statement.

Now that fall is here you have to add a little wine to get that blood circulating. This vibrant rich tone comes in many shades. Some call it burgundy, maroon or even ox blood. What I love about this color is it looks good on everyone! You just have to fine the tone that works for you. Now of course you can upgrade your wardrobe with a piece or two in this color but I think the color is great on the lips and nails. Its sexy and sultry with little effort. A swipe of this color across your lips and even a jogging suit looks good as you walk out the door! A vibrant lippe will have you thinking you can take over the world. I really like getting or giving myself a manicure. This rich color will have your hands looking so chic. Add a ring or two and BAM! You've upgraded a crewneck sweater and jeans.

These 3 fall fashion/beauty vibes should give you a good head start into your Autumn groove. I'd love to see how you style and pair the three. Use the hashtag #alexfallvibes when you post your looks. Connect with me on social media and don't forget to subscribe. You will be the first to get good vibes and info to your inbox.

Many Blessings,

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