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3 Tips for Recommitting to Yourself

I'm sure "recommitting to yourself" sounds like a cheesy line from a Romcom movie after the the protagonist gets dumped but it should be a ritual or habit we as individuals find value in, evaluate and put action to. We can put so much effort into our careers, school, family and friends that our needs, goals and dreams are deferred. For some of us those things that once gave us purpose and passion now are distant memories. I am a wife, mother, care-giver and full time entrepreneur, I had to make the choice to recommit to myself and a part of my commitment was to pursue my purpose with a fire under my feet. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone, I'm trusting my intuition. Having clarity, saying no and figuring out what I want has helped me discern my purpose over perfection. Below I share a video on 3 tips for recommitting to yourself. My hope is that you are inspired and are ready to take action. Creating new habits to fit the life that you desire. The new year is a couple of months away, there isn't a better time to take loving and prioritizing yourself at the top of the list seriously!

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