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Women Making Moves: Entrepreneur, Personal Shopper and Stylist Joi Iman

Have you ever been scrolling IG or FB and a picture speaks a thousand words? Well that is what happened when I stopped at Joi Iman's picture. Her vibrant smile, unique style and her positive post caught my attention. She had on these awesome glasses and her Blonde hair was bouncy and curly like my fave big sis, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Below you can check out my interview with Joi Iman and I'm sure you will see and feel her sweet spirit and the many reasons why she is being highlighted in the Women Making Moves series. Enjoy!

Can you share a little about yourself?

Joí Iman, LLC offers personal styling / personal shopping services, taking special interest in expectant mothers as well as new and veteran moms. At Joí Iman, we educate through valuable tips and style visuals to help her discover personal style and explore style options. Ultimately, the wardrobe and outlook of the woman are improved. Our goal is to uplift the total woman. We strive to influence women through style and God’s spirit. In 2016, Joí Iman had the pleasure of serving as Assistant/Intern to Celebrity Stylist, Ryan Christopher who styled Recording Artists, Voices of Signature, TV Personality, Jewel Tankard, Sherri Jackson of CBS 42 News, and Steve W. Brown, Comedian. In 2017, Joí Iman was nominated and selected, Fashion Icon of the City, of Birmingham. Most recently, Joí Iman was selected to attend the 2018 #ASKJBOLIN BUSINESS Boot Camp for the CREATIVES which was organized and hosted by Celebrity Stylist, J. Bolin, in Dallas, TX.

Where does your love for fashion derive from? Who are your style inspirations?

I am not driven or moved by fashion trends. Fashion trends lead women to struggle with who they are, sometimes failing to see themselves as beautiful, unique beings. There is beauty in individual style; it allows the woman to identify and connect with her unique being and inner goddess which is so powerful. Style gives the world an opportunity to peek into your world without speaking a word. My style inspirations include: Tracee Ellis Ross who is styled by Karla Welch Cardi B who is styled by Kollin Carter Iris Apfel

When did it hit you that you could merge your passions into a business?

As a young adult, I would often receive compliments on my style and a couple of people suggested that I consider a career in fashion. Entrepreneurship was not a norm in my family. With the exception of two cousins, my family members took the traditional path, myself included – go to school, obtain degree(s) and secure employment. This was reason enough not to take the suggestions of others seriously. After earning my Social Work and Black Studies degrees from Alabama A&M University and the University of Connecticut, I realized that I owed it to myself to pursue my other passion, Style. An interest in designing women’s shoes led me to start an online boutique, offering personal styling and shopping services. Entrepreneurship seemed to be the best chance to live my purpose which is to influence women through style, service and God’s spirit.

What has your journey as an entrepreneur taught you about yourself?

I LOVE THIS Question! This journey of entrepreneurship has taught me a great deal about God’s love and power as well as myself. From the very beginning of this journey, God has revealed to me that I am much smarter, stronger, and capable than I ever imagined myself to be. When I began the journey to discover the right business, God equipped me to do something that I never knew I had the ability to do, Sketch! I explored shoe design and I became a pretty good sketch artist/shoe designer. When my website designer could no longer meet my needs, God equipped me to serve as a web and graphic designer. As a woman with little to no prior business knowledge, I attempted to reach out to those who were in the business with little to no positive response. I was forced to start from the bottom which God equipped and strengthened me to do. When I thought I lacked the mental capacity, knowledge, support, provision and tenacity, He blew my mind, turning my cants into cans and my lack into enough.

What is one hope that you have for clients or those who are blessed to experience your services?

It is my hope that my clients are left feeling cared for, valued, beautiful, confident and strong. That they are more aware of their position and purpose in life while realizing that anything is possible with faith only the size of a mustard seed. That even as they selflessly pour into their children, husbands, family members, and friends, they deserve to celebrate and nurture themselves. It is my pleasure and honor to celebrate each client – I believe that each woman is A MASTERPIECE OF BEAUTY AND STRENGTH!

Can you share a belief, scripture or affirmation that has inspired or encouraged you in a moment of fear?

Scripture: “God is within her, she will not fail.” Psalm 46:5 Prayer: Dear God, Help me to conquer my fears. In my weakness, help me to affirm that your grace covers me. I declare that I will WALK BY FAITH even when the road is rocky and I am uncertain of its end. I trust that my fragmented journey fashions your will for me. Amen. - Joí Iman Quote: "When my life becomes overwhelming, I will choose to focus on God's power instead of my own inadequacies." – Joí Iman

What’s next for Joí Iman?

As mentioned, Joí Iman takes special interest in expectant mothers as well as new and veteran moms. Joí Iman is preparing to launch its first product for mothers. By January 2019, Joí Iman will launch its Beauty and Tranquility Gift Box! Also, Joí Iman will kick off the New Year launching Vision 46:5, which is a group created to support moms as they pursue their passion and purpose.

Wow! when a woman is walking in her purpose it is written all over her face and in the way she moves. Joi Iman is truly a Woman Making Moves!

Joi Iman, LLC


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