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5 Tips to Spring forward into a New Mindset

When your mind is changed, your life will be transformed. Remember, where your mind goes, your life follows.

Spring is here; giving me growth vibes and all the warm weather feels!

As nature unfolds into a new season we should take a que and bloom.

We have endured a pandemic and all the trigger effects because of it.

During this difficult time , my hope is we all have been planting seeds that we will be glad to see harvested.

Renewal and growth are an integral part of creating the lives that we all desire. The word of God shares the blueprint on how to renew and rest our minds in Christ. Romans 12:2 speaks about how we are changed by the renewing of his mind.

Below there are 5 tips that will help you grow and blossom in this new season.

1.Stop believing that you can’t control your thoughts. The first lie that must be shut down is, I cannot control my thoughts, they control me. “Think about these things” (Philippians 4:8), “You shall meditate on it day and night” (Joshua 1:8), “On His law he meditates day and night” (Psalm 1:2).

Choose your thoughts, not let your thoughts always be chosen by something else. How do we do this practically? It is true that we get attacked in our minds, because our minds are a battlefield, not a playground. As a believer begins to connect his/her spirit with Holy Spirit, his/her spirit begins to get stronger.

When the spirit is weak, the mind runs errands for the flesh by thinking negative thoughts. But when we constantly build our spirit by communion with Holy Spirit, our mind comes under the influence of the Word of God and Holy Spirit who lives in us. We are left with the choice to think on God’s things or let the mind go with the flow of life.

Remember: the mind is either a servant to your mind or your spirit.

2.What you feed your mind with becomes a mindset. A mindset is impossible to change without changing what your mind is filled with. Typically, when we hear the truth about breaking strongholds or renewing of the mind, we get busy trying to change our mindsets. We quickly learn that it is not an easy task.

The only way to change your default and automatic thinking is by filling your conscious mind with new information of God’s truth. Once the conscious mind is filled to the overflow, it slips into the subconscious mind.

3. Speak what you believe, not what you feel. We possess what we confess. We possess God’s promises by confessing them with our mouths. When you regularly confess only what you feel and see, you are hurting your faith and not helping negative thoughts to leave.

Jesus did that in the wilderness in His temptation with the Devil. Most likely the Devil tempted Jesus as he usually tempts us, with thoughts. Jesus did not think the Scripture to combat the Devil’s arrows, He spoke the Scripture.

Don’t speak what you feel all the time, otherwise your mind can’t change. Learn to speak God’s word instead.

4.Resist negative thoughts, assist positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are not going to stay, they need to be assisted. Negative thoughts are not going to leave, they need to be resisted. We must assist the Word of God by making room for it in our hearts, and resist the evil thoughts of the enemy by taking them captive and bringing them into submission to Christ ( 2 Corinthians 10:5).

You cannot stop birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair. Bad thoughts come, but do not have to stay if we speak against them with the truth of God’s Word.

5.Fill your whole being with the Word of God. Through the Word of God we know His nature, will, love, plans, thoughts, actions, power, salvation, principles, promises and everything we need to live for Him. If we want our mind renewed, this is the source we must use. Please read Colossians 3:16, Joshua 1:8, Hebrews 4:12 and John 8:31–32.

In closing, celebrate the process. It is going to take time to see change in your mind. I think there is a reason why God took six days to create the world instead of one day. He wanted to show us how to go through the process of change.

Each day something great was done and God would end the day by celebrating what was done, instead of complaining about what was still not done. On the third day, when there was still so much work to be done, God saw that it was good. God did not look at what still was unfinished. Much was yet to be done but He celebrated what was complete. Renewing of the mind happens when we celebrate small victories and focus on what God is doing, instead of what He is not doing.

Also, it is worthy to note that God never compared the messy process of creation to the beautiful heaven where He resides. The Devil will try to mess up the process of your mind renewal by making you compare your progress with someone else.

You are complete in God. You do not need to compare yourself to others. Comparing leads to complaining.

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