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BARE: My Journey from Reflection to Independence

Hey Loves, I'm all about good vibes and setting the atmosphere. Music is food for the soul, it is a mainstay in my life. If you have time hit the play button and vibe out to my soul sis Solange, then indulge in this post. The pause feature is available if the music isn't your cup of tea;)

Bare- 1. Uncover, Expose it to view 2. Basic & Simple 3.Not clothed or Covered

Independence- 1.The fact or state of being independent. 2. Self-government 3. Autonomy

Disclaimer: You all are getting an exclusive. I have never shared this situation with anyone. Handle it with care.

From my earliest memories I have marched to the beat of my own drum. Glancing in the rear view mirror at my mistakes. I was a dreamer, I felt whimsical and free-spirited. I'm quite sure that my up bringing played a huge part in cultivating this mindset. I was taught to think for myself & trust my instincts but every heartache, disappointment & loss chipped away at my free spirited nature. The loss of my child, my broken relationship and my lack of confidence weighed me down, like a ship anchored at sea. I would look in the mirror and not recognize the person I was becoming. Have you ever felt that way? Unrecognizable. Every decision I made was based upon were I was and not were I wanted to be. That fire inside was slowly dwindling away. I felt like a slave to mind, body & spirit. I would cancel going to events because I didn't want to pretend to be the up beat, boho chick. I would miss moments with friends & family because I felt like a fraud.( I was the resident listening ear for my circle and I wasn't living not even one of the gems of wisdom I was sharing with them). I turned down business opportunities because I didn't believe that I was qualified. I compared my beauty, my education and my talent to literally everyone that I met or followed via social media.

It got to a point were I had to take a break from social media. Comparison was the icing on this cake of negativity I called my life. I remember laying in bed extremely early one morning, thinking to myself "Alex where are you?, stop hiding! what do you want from this life? how are you going to get it? These were very tough questions because I had gotten so far removed from my authentic self. I keep a notebook close at all times for those " million" dollar ideas. lol. I began to write. I decided that if I could be totally "bare" & expose these negative reflections that I would be able to move forward and reclaim my dreams, that whimsical feeling that lingered within & my free-spirited nature that longed to blow like the wind. My independence was mine alone to reclaim. There were 3 gems of wisdom/reflection that I used to help me, get back home, to free myself from the negativity that held me shackled. My sisters if you are out there feeling lost, don't know your way home, want your freedom back, feeling insecure, unqualified or frustrated with were you are in your life. Check out the 3 gems of wisdom. I hope they empower & encourage you.

GEMS of Wisdom

1. Truth is the best policy- Being honest with yourself is the first step to truly resolving internal issues. When we lie to ourselves and mask our pain or any emotions, we aren't positively serving our growth. It is uncomfortable at first but when we can be honest with ourselves we can share healthy honesty with our family & friends.

2. Peace over Popularity- You are one person, you can not be of service in your career, your relationships or social life if you always put everything and everyone before your own basic needs. A sound mind ,body and spirit are key in a balanced happy life.

3. Your Existence is your Blessing- You matter! You were created with purpose. Stop looking outside of yourself for validation. You exist, now what are you going to do with the life you have been blessed to have?

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