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A seat at the table(God's Table)

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Most of us have heard the phrase "A seat at the table". A few years back it reemerged as a POP culture reference and it is usually tied to the idea of success or the lack of if you haven't been invited to take a seat & par take at a particular table.

I remember as a child my grandmother preparing these amazing meals for the holidays. The meals were on full display on a table full of decorations, desserts, condiments (such as cranberry sauce and gravy) and all the silverware, plates and glassware. By the time myself and guest would sit down to eat there was nothing that we had to do. The table was set and prepared for us. This was truly an act of love. At the table we wanted for nothing and when we left the table we were satisfied.

This brings me to God's word and the seat at his table. As we are in the world that doesn't mean we have to chase the things of the World and that includes a "table" or "seat"(Money, people, things or even validation. Even in our dark times we can count on God for Provision and Satisfaction.

When we put our trust in God, Psalm 23:5 reminds us that He can and will do everything to provide what you need, when you need it, until your soul feels satisfied. Even if you have walked through a dark valley, maybe the darkest of all valleys ever, God will lead you through it so you successfully reach the other side. The danger will be behind you, and you will transition into His magnificent light!

It is then, after you leave the valley, that horrific darkness you will find His holy table. The table illustrates abundance, satisfaction, and everlasting love. God’s people can feast at His table of endless love and grace and no enemy of any kind can ever take it away. They can only feel annoyed that you were victorious and prosperous in spite of them.

God’s anointing in this verse refers to Him blessing you for your entire life with the Holy Spirit so much that your cup of salvation overflows. His anointing isn’t just to meet your needs, but also to give you “ornament and delight.” In other words, after bringing you through the darkest valleys, you can look forward to the victory of reaching the Lord’s table and His anointing with the Holy Spirit. Did you catch that? There’s victory when you reach the other side. It’s almost as if God pats you on the back and says, “Well done!” simply because you hung in there and trusted Him. Hallelujah!


GOD IS FAITHFUL. Always. Without fail. Period. That’s a promise you can count on no matter what you’re going through. His mercy and goodness follow you, and He invites you to dwell in His house forever. All you have to do is let Him lead you. What’s happening in your life today? Will you trust Him? Go to Psalm 23 for encouragement and when you need your hope renewed. Discover again God’s great, endless, unchanging love and faithfulness to you.

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