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Cheers to 4 Decades! 4 Life Lessons I’ve learned along the way!

Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday to me! It seems like yesterday I was in my twenties making a ton of mistakes, falling in love and birthing my first child. Now I'm here, the big 40. Your probably wondering if I feel any different? The answer is yes but not in the way most would expect. I feel more empowered.

My time on earth thus far has been incredible, difficult and beautiful. I believe that we feel as young as we believe we are. It starts with a shift in our mindset. As we think of age in our culture it burdens us with thoughts of us losing our looks, being sickly and dependent on others for our care and basic needs.

As we dig deep into this new year, My 40th year in the world; I wanted to share 4 things that I've learned along the way. No matter if you are in you 20's or your 80's these life lessons could be helpful. Enjoy!

  1. It's never to late to start over- So often we look at starting over as a negative thing or it being attached to a trauma or pain. In some people's stories this is true but in Isaiah 43:19 the scripture speaks about Christ doing a new thing in us. We just have to be open to the transformation. It will spring up! In the difficult or cloudy moments, Christ says he is making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wastelands. No matter if you are prompted to start over in your personal, professional or spiritual life God is with you. He will send the help you need and the encouragement to keep going!

2. Show yourself grace- How many times have you been extreme with the negative self talk over something you did or said. Maybe you could have handled the situation differently but you didn't and you need to get over it! Giving yourself grace is permission to forgive your mistakes, lapses in judgment, and hurtful behavior, because no one is perfect. We can't change the past but we can hold ourselves accountable in hopes of getting better than the day before. We give our co-workers, loved ones, friends and heck sometimes even strangers more grace then we give ourselves. Experiencing and understanding God's grace towards us makes it a lot easier to give ourselves grace. Remember there is no condemnation in Christ.

Check out these scriptures: Romans 8:1-2 ,Romans 3:23-24, Ephesians 5:8.

3.Celebrate the small wins - Life is beautiful and fragile. remember to celebrate the small wins. It may not seem like it's worth fireworks and a parade but if you've accomplished a goal, reached a milestone or weren't triggered by that crazy co-worker at work, celebrate it!!! Celebrate alone in your car, in the line at Starbucks or even with the people you love. Take a moment and say dang you know what, I did that! Thank you Lord for guiding my footsteps, my actions and my mouth. LOL. I maybe talking about myself with that one but you get the point. Celebrate your life and your accomplishments big or small. They are all equally important moments within your journey.

4. Be okay with not being liked by everyone- You may not be everyone's cup of tea. Harsh right? It can be a harsh awaking but a very truthful one. With all the social media platforms, everyone is looking for a like in the digital world just as much as they are in the real world. No matter how pleasant or personable you are online or in person, some people just aren't going to feel your vibe. That is okay! Along your journey in life your vibe will truly attract your tribe. Be intentional in cultivating authentic relationships and those people will find you.

I'm celebrating my 40th birthday throughout the entire month of January! Remember Lesson #3 Celebrate the small wins? Well that is exactly what I will be doing. It truly is a blessing to be here and I'm going to soak up every moment and practice gratitude.

My prayer for you this year is a year full of Love, joy, peace, completion, health and wealth(whatever your definition of abundance is, it may not only be monetary for you.)

Love and Blessings,


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